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In light Rep. Jason Chaffetz saying Iphone or health care, I have come up with a more realistic comparison. The 30,000 car you use to get to your minimum wage jobs or your health care? In reality that’s the cost you are looking at. What the word some my not understand is the word ‘insurance.’ So let’s do the American break down in numbers and words Americans see across the board, sick or not.  You buy that new Ford economy car. I picked the Fiesta because it’s the lowest price car they have for 2017. It is $21,140, now you are expected to pay that off in let’s just say 15 years. Yearly without interest it’s about $1,410 a year. Sadly, that’s not the whole picture, you have to pay for title, plates, stickers (if you live in a city) and a few other minor things. The second thing you will pay for is insurance. Now that $21,000 is healthy right now, no problems and you just drove it off the lot. You end up giving that car to your friend for a beer run for your super bowl party. He ends up clipping your car with another and you lose a mirror. Your car has a broken ‘bone.’ Sadly, you are also going to pay $100 to replace that mirror and then pay for the other persons damage. That could be the price of their car. Which could be anything depending on if they have insurance and what you have. If you take insurance out of the picture and you don’t have it, you have this. Your insurance won’t help you cover your mirror, you now have to pay $500 because you have to go to any mechanic that you can find so hopefully you find a cheap and decent one. The other guys car, you aren’t so lucky. Your car hit his, so you might have to pay up to $10,000 ish for whatever damage you did to his.


Insurance is to protect you from having to pay for big issues like this. You may have had the money in the beginning to pay for just your car, but you can’t’ keep up that maintenance for the car. In 5 years, your engine dies. Your car has been totaled and now you can’t get to work. You need a rental. Most insurance companies will give you money for or give you a rental they have until your car has it’s ‘surgery’. If you don’t have that insurance then you can’t get to work. You can’t make the money to fix your car unless you go to work. Sadly the odds of losing your $7.25 an hour job just went drastically up. You now have to pay the renaming 10 years of that car loan which is $14,100, and you don’t have a job.


To put this in a comparison for humans here it is. You are a perfectly healthy 30 year old person. You had a broken bone because you were negligent and fell on some ice. 5 years late however, you ended up eating something new and you are allergic to it. You had to go into the hospital for a week. You now have a $14,100 hospital bill that you have to pay out of pocket and you no longer have a job to go back to.


This is more than just a “new gadget” this is your life. This is how you move around daily and this is your body. This is how the far right is treating you, and you may or may not have noticed. If you think “medicaid will be there if I lose my job, and there is unemployment,” you could never be more wrong in your life. The new “Trumpcare” as some are calling it, is eliminating federal funding for it, and it’s up to the state to handle it. If the state can’t fund for the the people they have to make cuts too.


Long story short, if you thought you were taking out “Obamacare” and you didn’t know it was the Affordable Care Act, you again could of never been more wrong. Soon Medicare will be hurt as well. To many who thought health insurance wasn’t a right, I guess your life isn’t a right either.



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