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The original Pirate Party was born in Sweden in 2006 from people who rejected government trampling on their human and legal rights. Since 9/11 eavesdropping on private citizens conversations and prying into private communication without the protection of due process or court-ordered warrants has been done in clear violation of Constitutionally protected and internationally agreed upon civil rights. Secret courts and secret trials mock due process and the constitutionally  protected rights of citizens and hide government proceedings from the true regulators of government, the citizens.

The U.S. Bill of Rights was designed to protect citizens from tyranical governemnt. We have no excuse for deminishing thes protections due to fear of foriegn threats, especially when the constitutional procedure for declaring war has been removed from Congess and been religated to the whims of the Executive by the current interpritation of the War Powers Act. The War Powers Act is a mear bill, and cannot act an ammendment to the Constitution, nor should Congress give the Executive powers not enumerated to his/her office because they fear the political ramifications of exercising their War Powers. If the Executive can arbitrairally decide who to conduct war on, or abitrailly decide who can be exicuted by a drone without regard to the territory the victum may inhabit and without due process of law, then we have already set the precident for a future tyrant.

Jefferson in the Declaration of Independance, ranked life, liberty and the pusuit of happyness as inalianable rights. Meaning that these rights are universal rights, and we as a government should not take away those rights withiout the legal frameworks of due process or a declaration of war. If we are to protect and defend the Constitution, then we must virgoressly defend it againts misuse by our own elected officials, and those who derive power from those officials. 

The Wisconsin Pirate Party support the inclusion of the rights enumerated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights into Wisconsin Law. If we as a state or a nation wish to be an example to others, let us show the better side of being human and work toward securing equal rights for all human beings.


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